Jan. 11th, 2010

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So. A fun year so far. On Saturday I finally got my licence, complete with little picture of me looking like I'm stoned off my face and/or suffering severe bloodloss. It was meant to happen on Friday, when I have no doubt it would have appeared that I had some kind of rare Amazonian disease that had made my face break out in vivid rashes, but the RTA's computers were down. So vampire victim it is.

It meant that I've had the whole weekend to be puttering around and getting to know the streets. Trying out my first roundabout. Trying (and failing) to park in carparks. Twice.

It's been good.

Today, however, I get to try to ride home for the first time in weekday traffic, and to be honest I'm not entirely happy about the idea. I'm not yet good at riding at consistent speeds. And I sometimes turn too wide. This is all fine. When there's no other cars on the road. So. It could be interesting.

I finally managed to watch End of Time last night. Lets talk about that. ... Ok, lets not. I will write up a reaction to this, because, card-carrying geek, hello? But right now I need to go and see if I can get my scooter home without crashing and killing someone, or worse, myself. So I'll just say ... it was better than I expected. And there is a lot of meat for discussion. A. Lot.


I always liked Omega better anyway.


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