Jan. 12th, 2010

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So today is my birthday. Last year was a good year. I got a scooter, got my license. Went to Malaysia, signed up for karate classes. Did six months of uni.

I have no idea what this year will be like. I tend to take the month of January as all mine, to do with as I please. I'm very peremptory, very self-indulgent. It's a good month, a slow month, where Christmas turns into New Year which changes to my brother's birthday which merges into mine. There are the birthdays of two other good friends this month, and my cousin as well. This month I'm hosting a barbecue, having siblings stay over, putting up a friend from intercity and welcoming my cousin home. Last week my mother, stepfather and brother visited for an early birthday celebration, which helps with that perception of week after week sliding into each other as one big holiday. Because January, for me, is always that kind of month. And I like it.

Of course, I have a number of things to worry about this January as well. I've been moving house. I have a week until I find out if I'll get to continue uni and start my degree next year. It's an interesting month to be sure.

But today, on my birthday, it was nothing but relaxing fun. Sleeping in, watching some of my hristmas DVDs, fielding phone calls and text messages, riding into town, meeting up with friends, having a beer with the fraternal parent and rounding it off with banana daiquiris with the family. (And dinner. Dinner was also awesome, because, amarillo chips, awesome y/y?)

I've finished up at my dad's place and now I'm rocking on home, where I have not doubt I'll end the night watching NCIS and basking in the warm, content feeling of a day spent calmly doing the things I love to do, with the people I love to spend time with.

January is a good month, and it is mine. Wherever you are, toast yourselves, and have a good year.


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