Mar. 29th, 2010

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OK so I have been reading some more of people's thoughts on EoT, because it keeps coming up and it's interesting, and oh did I mention that this is entirely regarding D/M? I did? Good. So lots of people seem to dislike EoT and prefer LotTL et al because LotTL gave out the slash and EoT killed the ship. Because LotTL had the Master locking the Doctor up and making him old and dying before he'd agree to go with the Doctor and .... EoT had the Master tying the Doctor up and deciding he had to sort his own good self out before he'd agree to go with the Doctor. Or something. It doesn't make a whole heap of sense to me, but I do agree that EoT was not as explicitly slash oriented as LotTL et al seemed to be.

And that is why from a D/M perspective I prefer it. Which may be strange, but I'd rather look at what you're doing with the Doctor and the Master as individuals and work out my own interactions for them then have to deal with your shit canon of what you've defined D/M to be and treat it as fact. So the less of them being explicitly together and the more of them having awesome subtext and developed personalities there is, the happier I am.

And that is probably the clearest insight you'll get regarding my shipping preferences.


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