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Plus: Got petrol, two jerry cans full. Well, one and a half, as I am still too scared to fill my tank up at the bowsers most of the time and so transferred when I got home. Look, I get upset enough as it is when other people flood my baby. Why should I contribute to that pain?

- Double plus: Guy at the servo was really, really cute and sweet. Am now tempted to go back and and get more petrol later in the week.
Problem: Have already gotten enough fuel for at least a month, if not two. (She runs on the whiff of petrol, I love her.) Also don't have have enough money for more petrol as, as noted, I've stocked up ahead.

Minus: Have now spent almost all food money on stocking up on petrol. While this is good for the future, it means that shopping for food right now is a problem. And am really really hungry. No actual food in house but I dislike shopping when I'm too poor to decide which one thing to buy. Also they say don't shop on an empty stomach and I tend to believe them. That way madness lies.

Minus: It looks as though the battery's on the road to carking it. Do not actually have cash to replace battery.

- Extra minus: Have already stocked up on petrol.
Bonus?: At least I won't have to spend any more money on petrol.

Possible Plus: Am also nearly out of oil, which means I can go to servo and flail and ask silly questions and break down over WHAT IS THIS TWO STROKE WHY DO I NEED A CERTAIN BRAND OH GOD PLEASE MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE WHERE DO I BUY THESE THINGS!? Will not actually do this because of Silly Female Stereotypes, but instead because I tend to get flustered and flail at the slightest event and beg the nearest stranger for assistance. Inevitably I make an ass of myself, but as this is going to occur no matter what I can take comfort from the fact that at least I will have a prolonged conversation with Incredibly Cute And Sweet Servo Guy, or perhaps a prolonged crying fit. I am aware how sad it is that I consider this a Bonus.

Neutral: Am wittering away my time making LJ posts until the shops close so that I don't have to actually confront the fact that I won't be eating tonight and that if I really wanted to I could go and buy a potato. I don't want to. That potato will be my Golden Potato, spurring me on through the days until I actually go and buy it, at which point cold reality will not live up to the dream.

Minus: Feel really quite ill possibly from hunger.

Plus: Haha! Found an orange! I am not sure what it was doing in my bag but as soon as the nausea passes I shall eat it! Now feel very justified in putting Quest For Potato off. Has been a very good hour.

Sub-Plus: Also had actually very quite good day doing various other household tasks and spending lots of time with lovely people and having good conversations and so on. Am also nearly done with art. Had a few minuses in there but nothing nearly so dramatic as the Discovery Of The Fruit (which was a plus anyway).

Balancing Act?: Digital art is going quite well but drive to paint from two weeks ago has nearly completely disappeared. Will probably come back at some point, until then to sigh langourously and continue to bugger up my eyes.

On balance a reasonable, if not very good, day. I would have another like it.


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