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Dear Self: This DW thing has Got. To. Stop. In other news, yes, of course, Arrangements For War was awesome. Now, really.
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Ok I saw it? And I liked it! Mostly. Bits of geek rage here and there but I liked it! And I can't be bothered writing up a review because.... I'm lazy. So here instead is my enormous and boring chatlog of watching along. Very little pieces here and there are cut for relevance and it's very spelling fail and grammar fail and interest fail but eh. Oh, and yes. It did in fact take me two hours to watch it, because I kept pausing whenever I got scared. I'M A WUSS OK SHUSH.

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And we're back to measuring time in cups of tea consumed.

We're getting low on sugar. And I'm tired of drawing complex constructs, I wish I could remember how to do simple ones.
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*bites nails* We're about to watch Victory of the Daleks. I'm really .... I'm really worried you guys. If they can pull this off to and get me to like it? A Dalek story? Then I know this series is something special.

If they don't.... well. It's just a Dalek story, I guess. *shrugs and tries to appear With It*

..... God don't let me down Eleven.
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Oh Internet. You have established that you can be, for the most part, seen in public, and I am proud of you. Was the con awesome? THE CON WAS VERY AWESOME, YES. Will this be incoherent ranting? YES. YES IT WILL.

A Super Long Con Report: Save time. Bone a Cat. )

Now I have to find new Eleven, and maybe have some tea, and oh did I mention that Sylvester McCoy is coming to Australia? I didn't? Yeah, he uh. He is. I'll just be over here. Dying.
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Today I am dressed all up in grey, which is always strange to notice when you didn't plan it.

I finished up with Omega, which was, in a word, brilliant. Oh genuinely great Five audio, be still my heart. The ending was not as strong as I could have hoped, but still. It can be done!!

Davros is stunningly good as well, in the sense that I am enjoying it, which considering it's about Davros is .... mind-boggling.

Here, have some old Delgado!Master art. Well. I think from the look of it you can see it is actually D!M's slightly-older-and-much-better-looking brother, on whom Theta crushed for many years, but. This is why we keep practicing.

d!m colour
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* The 'Look, No Hands Ma!' trick: possibly the most foolish and most awesome thing I've yet managed to achieve on my scooter. Awesome for singing 'Whole New World' along to as well.

* Eight hour cuddle parties: awesome. Guys, I love you all, seriously. Please to never change.

* How To Train Your Dragon: actually quite brilliant. Toothless' character design is amazing, and the story while structurally familiar was handled well and the characters had depth. I was impressed.

* Cleaning: blergh.

* I will probably never really post about this, so I would just like to note that - ELEVEN. YOU ARE NOW ONE OF MY DOCTORS. PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY HEART.
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Dear Sex and the City: I am so over 'i'm an alcoholic/addicted to drugs/whatever' and early into my program so don't date me! ..... except we're irresistably attracted so lets do it anyway and let it end in ruin' trope.



Apr. 1st, 2010 12:39 am
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Dear Internet:

I know I stopped watching Dead Ringers a while ago, but how the fuck did I miss this???

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OK so I have been reading some more of people's thoughts on EoT, because it keeps coming up and it's interesting, and oh did I mention that this is entirely regarding D/M? I did? Good. So lots of people seem to dislike EoT and prefer LotTL et al because LotTL gave out the slash and EoT killed the ship. Because LotTL had the Master locking the Doctor up and making him old and dying before he'd agree to go with the Doctor and .... EoT had the Master tying the Doctor up and deciding he had to sort his own good self out before he'd agree to go with the Doctor. Or something. It doesn't make a whole heap of sense to me, but I do agree that EoT was not as explicitly slash oriented as LotTL et al seemed to be.

And that is why from a D/M perspective I prefer it. Which may be strange, but I'd rather look at what you're doing with the Doctor and the Master as individuals and work out my own interactions for them then have to deal with your shit canon of what you've defined D/M to be and treat it as fact. So the less of them being explicitly together and the more of them having awesome subtext and developed personalities there is, the happier I am.

And that is probably the clearest insight you'll get regarding my shipping preferences.
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I will just be over here cookin' mah stir-fry and watchin' mah Two Doctors and being completely and totally guiltless of any crime.
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Dear Uni, You are, as ever, interesting.

IN MUCH MORE IMPORTANT NEWS reading old wank is hilarious.

Eh, it's been a slow news day.

ETA: And sometimes reading old wank is just tiring.
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So apparently sometimes I am not in a good mood? And apparently what makes me happy is compiling insanely enormous Doctor Who Picspams? Oh, and lovely people in chat, but I'd already started this when I realised that.

You may notice some bias in these pictures. All I can say is, I felt it fair to throw in one of Handy as well, and I am a sucker for Doctors in previous regen's clothes. And evil twins. And thumb in mouth.

Giant, giant, hugely Not Dial-Up Friendly DW picspam. )

And here's some bonuses of the actor's IRL, because hair, beard, bars. These are the things that make me happy.

Pics for the soul. )
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Dear Internet:

You are a terrible terrible timesuck. Why can't I quit you?

Love always,

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So, the best part about Battlefield? Even better than the bad puns and awesome villains and threatened decapitations and the Brig?

Instead of saying 'Doctor, you're such a DICK' at the end of an arc (albeit in a fond and amused manner) being able to say 'SEVEN IS THE WIFE' and for it to be totally trufax.

On an ENTIRELY UNRELATED NOTE, I have an increasing amount of files on my hard drive labeled 'Terrible Horrible Chatpronz'. All of them have [ profile] vforvegan's name attached, for some unfathomable reason.
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So, you know how I said I'd never met a Seven I didn't like?

Delta and the Bannermen nearly tears it. Nearly.
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Internet, I have been working with you a lot lately. And I love you, you know that.

But I'm tired.

So before I go to sleep, I will give you this. Which everyone who is everyone has probably seen, but that is OK by me.

There are, after all, some small rewards for retagging months worth of comm entries.

The way the Doctor and the Master SHOULD be fighting.

And good night.
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I have been trying to get my Brigadier down. In order to start work on the SOOPER SEKRIT PROJECT(tm).

It is not working great but I am logging some efforts to laugh at them later. Also Heavily!Shadowed! Delgado and Brig (which would work better if I finished it godIamsolazy) and an attempt to draw Three and Delgado in a style even MORE cartoony than I already do. Which was hilarious.

Various Three Era Art )

Also, new icons. Whee!
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I have to say, it's very satisfying to see that The Last Airbender, based on the most recent trailer, is not only going to be a racist clusterfuck, but is also going to be shit. Seriously, Shamalamadingdong? You couldn't get ANY decent special effects? Not even a little bit?

I do believe in karma, I do, I do.


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