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I recieved a call from a wonderful, delightful, entertaining old friend.

I didn't answer. However, when I returned the call, explaining quickly that I was at work, a swift but grin-enducing conversation ensued.

It was fun.

It also resulted in me requesting more annual leave, but we shall see how things roll.

The soon-to-be-former housemate was informed of the imminent move. She reacted in her usual way. Unpleasantly. *sighs* She has a capacity to be kind, and to learn, and to even, occaisionally, to act morally. Mostly, however, she acts in a way that is selfish, and spiteful, and ignorant. She tries to hurt. It saddens me that she often succeeds. And it angers me that the cruel, unecessary, somewhat pathetic actions she takes are the kind that most quickly provoke a desire to retaliate in kind. It is very, very hard not to act in the same way. And even harder to remember why.

I know its not her fault. She is juvenile. But I do wish she'd pull her head out of her arse, think about someone else and take a good look around at the six billion other people in the world. I wish she'd just grow up.

See? All of the above is true, but unnecessary to say. And it's hard enough to just say it to myself, and not to yell it into her face and whisper it into the ears of her loved ones. With the supporting evidence living with her has provided. *sighs* It would be best if someone she truly cared about said it to her, and meant it. The problem is though she might have the capacity, she will never care about anyone more than herself. And I truly almost believe that.

Well, that was disgusting.

I'm excited to be packing again. As I said, I like things. And packing gives you a perfect oppurtunity to admire and catalogue and be made firmly aware, again, of all the lovely things you have. It is quite delightful.

I wonder if I shall have a housewarming party? ... Not that I think I can fit the people in. But I can try.

Aside from all that, life is fairly decent. I am, mostly, content. And hopeful. I have prospects to look forward to in the future. And that really, for now, is enough.

I was surprised how much I liked Objects In The Rearview Mirror May Appear Closer Than They AreO. The title alone is not encouraging. And I have to admit, the lyrics are cheesy and do not immediately provide inspiration. I would not encourage listening to this song with anyone within earshot. However, with the earnest, determined way Meatloaf sings it, when listened to in a certain mood, at a certain time of night... it can be quite touching. And I was moved by it.
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The sky is deceptively blue today. I'm suspicious. It's trying to get me to wash, I just know it, and then it will proceed to dump water all over my clean new clothes as soon as I've left the house. I know this because it is exactly what it has proceeded to do for the last two and a half weeks.

I'm on to its tricks now though.

The long weekend was fun. Mother and Sibling and Brother came up for the weekend. Didn't see Sibling much, she was with Father for most of the weekend, except for a brief interlude in which she and the other two Southeners went to see Prince Caspian, which I would consider a cruel betrayal if not for Father actually considering it a cruel betrayal, which makes it all a little less funny.

However. Yojimbo seems a little disatisfied with life recently, which I am sure has something to do with the fact that he is a narky bastard, but which I am also carefully avoiding, because, well, I don't know him that well yet, although it feels like a lot longer than it actually is, and he can be cutting. It may also be at least a partial cause for how he's treating Benjy, but as I myself am ... avoiding Benjy right now, I can't necessarily blame him. Oddly, it just makes me feel a little guiltier, because, honestly, Benjy needs friends too, and two of the people he purportedly spends the most time with are treating him like he has the plague. My own reasons are entirely selfish and irrational and not really very becoming, and so shall not be repeated here.

Having read the 800-word I'm-definitely-not-writing-a prequel to Harry Potter, my feelings are ... mixed. The writing is alternatively sloppy and well-constructed, as though Jo was feeling the pressure. It seems to strike oddly with the determined muggle/wizard divide that is set so firmly in the series, but perhaps its part of the cause for it. I doubt it, but perhaps that's what she intended nonetheless. Of course, it had to be about two characters I loathe, but there's not much I can do about that, or about the horror deep in my gut that's accompianing the dawning realisation that if she does write a prequel she is going to continue to glorify the division and bullying and cruel, destructive arrogance of the marauders and their ilk. However. The one joke was good.

Housemate is having issues, as ever. I cope. We bitch. It's fun.

Iron Man, Sex & the City and Indy 4 have all been seen in the last few weeks. I may at some point get around to noting what I thought of them, but suffice it to say for now that I did not leave any film without having enjoyed at least part of what I was watching.

Also, Tekken 5 is bad for you.

Finally, for anyone who ever believed that Luke and Kirk could make peace. Aren't these conventions fun?


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