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So I made icons. Not great icons. Not even good icons. OK, actually, I quite like the meerkat ones. Because it's so very, very true. And I want to add 'what?' to my icons, but I love all the icons I already have, so I might just wait until I need it and see how I act under pressure.

What? The Oncoming Emo

Meerkat The Oncoming Emo
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So, as mentioned, 30 Rock. Good times.

Yes, this would be a gratuitous posting made only to show off my new icon.

Fun times, Jacky Boy. Fun times.
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Well, its Black Friday. Surprisingly easy to forget, when you work then sleep through most of it. SO FAR. *sighs* Oh, it's hard to raise enthusiasm for these traditions when you have no-one to play 'lets freak each other out' with. A surprisingly good game of that was played last night, with the premise being 'how hard would it be for ninjas to get into this room?' (The other participant didn't know it was ninjas we were talking about, but she got into the spirit of things nonetheless, and I like to think a little bit of her soul had tuned in to the appropriate channel.) The game becomes a little more effective when you grasp that we are supposed to be in the securest room in the building at work, with three-foot thick walls and steel plating and so on. I was quick to point out that the quickest access route was the roof. This was followed up by a notation that, sure, yes, in theory we had three-foot thick walls, and in some areas it probably was, but didn't I notice the alcove where the fridge went? Where did I think that alcove was cutting into, hmmm??? In retrospect I suspect that moving the fridge from behind would have presented more of an issue than getting through the wall itself.

As I'm sure you can see, it quickly degenerated from 'let's freak each other out' to a rather more analytical discussion that I'm sure our bosses, if they'd heard it, would have deemed quite too enthusiastic. What can I say? I like to know my options if I'm in a situation. And frankly, if people with drills and m-16s broke through our walls or dropped through our roof, I'd sing like a canary. Not, thankfully, that there's much in our office to sing about. But, you know. Hypothetically. I'd be telling them all about what my mother had for lunch three weeks ago before they even made any threatening faces.

Aside from that, I'm tired. Unsuprisingly, really. Apparently another trip to Canberra may be forthcoming. I'm not really sure. There are a number of other family-related issues that may intefere. I'm also considering cutting my teeth on a new tale about a rather confident young man named Christian. I don't know. We shall see. At the very least it's giving me lots of practice in writing outlines.

Not much else to report that I can think of off the top of my head. I'd still rather like to see Caspian sometime soon.

And to end, a song that hasn't gotten old despite a solid four months of listening to it. The Zox, Anything But Fine.


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