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Ok so I am doing a semi-liveblog to this, in that.... I am finally watching it. And I'll need to stop multiple times because I get scared.... Well. May as well take advantage of that to rant.

Spoilers )

Annnnnd done. Looking at next week's trailer and ignoring all the.... stuff.... that carries over from this week's ep, all I can do is squee and shout out 'Helen McCrory YAAAAAAY' :D.
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Ok I saw it? And I liked it! Mostly. Bits of geek rage here and there but I liked it! And I can't be bothered writing up a review because.... I'm lazy. So here instead is my enormous and boring chatlog of watching along. Very little pieces here and there are cut for relevance and it's very spelling fail and grammar fail and interest fail but eh. Oh, and yes. It did in fact take me two hours to watch it, because I kept pausing whenever I got scared. I'M A WUSS OK SHUSH.

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OK, so. I really should have posted this last night, but I was tired and thought I could better spend my time reading [ profile] doctorwhy (the worst of the Time Lords.)

Previous episodes back thatta way.

The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episodes 3&4 )
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Am almost completely not!sick again, which is nice. Still plagued somewhat with headaches and churning-gut, but am choosing to believe that that is purely psychosomatic. My internet degree, let me show you it.

Anyway, in an attempt to distract myself I've been dredging through my old files, and on opening this (actually relatively recent one) I realised I'd never posted it, despite my not-so-good intentions. Before I go any further I would like to say that this is not entirely my fault. Anyone who knows me knows I am ridiculously herdish in my behaviour, and whenever I see anything new or interesting I at least want to give it a go.* Normally I get distracted, or it involves equipment out of my price range/local area, or someone has the good sense to stop me.

Not so this time.

This time, when I was inspired by [ profile] shaxophile's awesome liveblogs, I happened to have a brandnewshinyandridiculouslycheap** copy of The Tomb Of The Cybermen on hand. And I had J, who hasn't seen a lot of Old Who, but who is amenable to the idea. And who also has a netbook and a reasonably comfortable couch. I knew I liked Two, I knew I liked this arc, and I knew I had some spare time.

And thus this terrible mess was born.

It is very very clear, on rereading this, that it took me a while to get into my stride. I've also done some for The War Games (yes, I WILL be posting it. My LJ to abuse) and I think they were ... clearer. This liveblog was mostly made up of oohs and ahhhs and hees. And hearting over tiny little things like how often Two and Jamie cling to each other, and how much I love Two's facial expressions. There's lots of unconnected sentences, not so much of the incisive commentary.

But, you know, I really enjoy The Tomb Of The Cybermen. It works as a coherent story in and of itself, and also makes a good introductory episode for a new companion. Jamie and the Doctor are consistently characterised without GIANTFUCKINGENDLESSWHATISWRONGWITHYOUTEN?? unnecessary exposition, which is a good balance for both those who have seen previous arcs, and those who haven't. The story makes it clear why the Cybermen are by fuckery able to match the Daleks in the scary stakes*** and while it is silly and fun and twee and a lot of (the Doctor's. Really, just the Doctor's.) the actions people take don't necessarily make sense, there are also a lot of varied and believable characters. These are professional actors doing a dedicated job. And like much of Two's era, it's a mixture between funny and fearsome, with a dash of sweetness thrown in.

And you know what, no matter how terrible the outcome, liveblogging is a hell of a lot of fun. Try it with your favourite TV show today!

The Tomb Of The Cybermen, Episodes 1&2 )

* This is how nano happened. The first four times.

** Unless one argues, as I normally do, that the standard Classic Who DVD prices are hugely exorbitant.

*** God those mouths.


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