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Dear Internet,

Today I was happy. All day. Irrespective of events. This was really nice, and I felt worth noting. That's all.

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Oh Internet. You have established that you can be, for the most part, seen in public, and I am proud of you. Was the con awesome? THE CON WAS VERY AWESOME, YES. Will this be incoherent ranting? YES. YES IT WILL.

A Super Long Con Report: Save time. Bone a Cat. )

Now I have to find new Eleven, and maybe have some tea, and oh did I mention that Sylvester McCoy is coming to Australia? I didn't? Yeah, he uh. He is. I'll just be over here. Dying.
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Some have called it the Year That Hates Us All. Others have called it their very first year. Not a few have (and still will) call it their last.

For me? It wasn't a terrible year, as it goes. It had its ups and downs. Events happened. Happenings evented. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of heartache too.

And a lot of normal, wearying, forgettable days. It goes.

So I say farewell! to 2008! Enjoy your retirement in the sky! And welcome 2009! I am sure we shall get to know one another very well, no matter how brief a relationship it may be!

Happy New Year everyone! And enjoy your New Years Eve!


Last post for the year. Very very exciting!


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