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Jersey is doing everything in her little heart to convince me to love him. He's not doing to badly so far. The quality of the sound is just making me so happy. I haven't skipped a single song yet, just because I want to hear the treatment the speakers give the different types of sound. As yet, nothing has disappointed. I'm also ashamed to say I love the moving background and the functionality is really easy to get used to. I'm even considering getting an iTunes Store account so that I can use the Genius function. (I know, I know. *holds out wrists to be slapped*) In fact so far the only thing that's making me truly unhappy is the fact that I don't dare take her anywhere for fear of marking her. I know, I'm anal. But you know what? In a years time when she's still in pristine condition, he'll know who to thank.

I want to point out at this junction that although, yes, Jersey is getting me to the point where I will consider that the ipod's sound is better than the Zen's (or at least hers is, I'm willing to believe I lucked out there) that is as a general thing. Penelope is still my one true love when it comes to music players, and I love and venerate her. I think Jersey knows this. All she has to do is win a firm second place in my heart, which he is unfortunately fast achieving. And quite frankly he gets respect for understanding that Penelope will always hold a special and distinct hold in my affections, and for not intefering with that.

Personifying technology is just a necessary preparation for the robot revolution. At least I'll be ready.

In other 'news' it's almost Christmas. *cries* Dear Lord. I am also very tired. But I've decided I've had my sleep for the day. I think I will go get something to eat. And perhaps throw on the first ep of NCIS Season 5. It's about that time, I think.

(No, I'm totally not avoiding that tiring part of the collab where we actually start developing a cohesive timeline. Why do you ask?)

I rediscovered this song the other day, and I'd forgotten how much I simply love it. I remember it was one of the very first songs I heard as a young child that told me a story that I could understand, that played a visual behind my eyelids. Unable to remember more than fragments from that one time I had heard it on the radio, my parents were unable to help me in my quest to hear it again, although everytime I caught the end of it on the radio there would be a mad dive to turn it up, in the vain hopes that this time I could hear the title or artists. (Am I the only one who hates the refusal of modern disc jockey's to announce songs? Quite frankly if they're not going to perform even that most basic task, they're not required. I'd much rather have a stream of unnamed music (which I'm getting anyway) than the canned laughter and faux-sympathetic drivel peppered with sickeningly honest racist/sexist/bigoted remarks. Oh wait. That's why ipods continue to sell.) Obviously I've gotten a hold of it again, and so I give you The Zombies' She's Not There.


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