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So, we're having another one of those hot days here, the type where I keep the fan on me at all times and have the icepack tied to my head.

It's fun. ^^

Christmas was delightful. I really did mean it when I called it my favourite holiday of the year. I bought lots of presents and ate too much and I had to work eight hours and I never even ended up putting up my own tree but ... it was wonderful. *sighs happily* There is just nothing better than seeing small children at Christmas, gaping at the enormous mound of presents under the tree, ripping into wrapping paper. I shall treasure Big Dan's face as he saw the present I bought him. His eyes and mouth were so round, and his voice dropped as he yelled out 'It's a TRAAAAAAIIIIINN!!! It's A TRAAAAAAIIIIINNNNN!!!!' over and over. I didn't see as I was at work but apparently he spent the rest of the day watching it go round and round and round. And then eventually he shoved it over and it broke.

Kids are awesome.

Monster and Princess loved their presents too, I'm glad to say. Even though Monster's plush was half the size of Princess's she was still jumping up and down, her face screwed up in pure pleasure, clutching the toy to her chest. Princess, of course, always has a bit more decorum either way, but the nice thing about Monster is that she really doesn't often compare her things to the other's.

I've finalised my plans for NYE, and am apparently going to Canberra. Awesome. We have also started to arrange birthday plans, and so far I will be having two visitors. Even MORE awesome. :D

I have to go clean now, as NYE plans have knocked out three potential cleaning days. *gulp* And get my gas sorted out. (It's coming on and off? This is possibly not a good thing?)

We're getting to the end of 2008 now. Only three days to go. I'm not sure whether to be excited or nervous. I think perhaps for now I shall just bask in the pleasure that is family and friends, and enjoy the overhang of Christmas.

And perhaps buy an icecream to counter this raging heat.

I'm not sure about the middle, but I'm really just loving the intro to this song right now. Fighting For My Love, by Nil Lara. Not so sure about the AMV, however. ^^


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