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So. Con is over and was fabulous. I am halfway through writing up an account from scattered notes and footage taken from over the weekend, but essentially, it was fabulous. And terrifying. And fabulous.

I spent travelling time during the weekend re/listening to Gallifrey Season One, which I'd slept through parts of before, and it was love. Which admittedly was more of a confirmation than a revelation, but still. And then when I got home I watched Invasion of Time. Which was silly and rather sadmaking, in that context. And a lot of fun, still. It's one of the serials I have the most vivid imagery-rememberance of from my childhood, so the weird doubling and prediction/adaptation process of rewatching it did take away a little from what otherwise might have been quite emotional. Which is probably good because I'm only just really catching up on sleep. Baaaaaarely. Overinvested? Yes. Yes I am.

Internet is still sort of buggered, which is frustrating, but we're working on it. Showed stepmother Partners In Crime today (yay Donna!) and watched a lot of fascinating exerpts from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Exciting stuff. And now, I think, I sleep. Or something.
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Plus: Got petrol, two jerry cans full. Well, one and a half, as I am still too scared to fill my tank up at the bowsers most of the time and so transferred when I got home. Look, I get upset enough as it is when other people flood my baby. Why should I contribute to that pain?

- Double plus: Guy at the servo was really, really cute and sweet. Am now tempted to go back and and get more petrol later in the week.
Problem: Have already gotten enough fuel for at least a month, if not two. (She runs on the whiff of petrol, I love her.) Also don't have have enough money for more petrol as, as noted, I've stocked up ahead.

Minus: Have now spent almost all food money on stocking up on petrol. While this is good for the future, it means that shopping for food right now is a problem. And am really really hungry. No actual food in house but I dislike shopping when I'm too poor to decide which one thing to buy. Also they say don't shop on an empty stomach and I tend to believe them. That way madness lies.

Minus: It looks as though the battery's on the road to carking it. Do not actually have cash to replace battery.

- Extra minus: Have already stocked up on petrol.
Bonus?: At least I won't have to spend any more money on petrol.

Possible Plus: Am also nearly out of oil, which means I can go to servo and flail and ask silly questions and break down over WHAT IS THIS TWO STROKE WHY DO I NEED A CERTAIN BRAND OH GOD PLEASE MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE WHERE DO I BUY THESE THINGS!? Will not actually do this because of Silly Female Stereotypes, but instead because I tend to get flustered and flail at the slightest event and beg the nearest stranger for assistance. Inevitably I make an ass of myself, but as this is going to occur no matter what I can take comfort from the fact that at least I will have a prolonged conversation with Incredibly Cute And Sweet Servo Guy, or perhaps a prolonged crying fit. I am aware how sad it is that I consider this a Bonus.

Neutral: Am wittering away my time making LJ posts until the shops close so that I don't have to actually confront the fact that I won't be eating tonight and that if I really wanted to I could go and buy a potato. I don't want to. That potato will be my Golden Potato, spurring me on through the days until I actually go and buy it, at which point cold reality will not live up to the dream.

Minus: Feel really quite ill possibly from hunger.

Plus: Haha! Found an orange! I am not sure what it was doing in my bag but as soon as the nausea passes I shall eat it! Now feel very justified in putting Quest For Potato off. Has been a very good hour.

Sub-Plus: Also had actually very quite good day doing various other household tasks and spending lots of time with lovely people and having good conversations and so on. Am also nearly done with art. Had a few minuses in there but nothing nearly so dramatic as the Discovery Of The Fruit (which was a plus anyway).

Balancing Act?: Digital art is going quite well but drive to paint from two weeks ago has nearly completely disappeared. Will probably come back at some point, until then to sigh langourously and continue to bugger up my eyes.

On balance a reasonable, if not very good, day. I would have another like it.
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* The 'Look, No Hands Ma!' trick: possibly the most foolish and most awesome thing I've yet managed to achieve on my scooter. Awesome for singing 'Whole New World' along to as well.

* Eight hour cuddle parties: awesome. Guys, I love you all, seriously. Please to never change.

* How To Train Your Dragon: actually quite brilliant. Toothless' character design is amazing, and the story while structurally familiar was handled well and the characters had depth. I was impressed.

* Cleaning: blergh.

* I will probably never really post about this, so I would just like to note that - ELEVEN. YOU ARE NOW ONE OF MY DOCTORS. PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY HEART.
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Hmmmn. I think that someone has used my email address to sign up to one of those match-making sites. This is just ... well, a little sad really. *shrugs* Oh well.

In other news, my fridge is better! I admit it, I have not mentioned the illness of my poor fridge here, but suffice it to say that with the slamming waves of heat we had a few weeks ago, the poor dear simply gave up. By which I mean I was able to use the freezer as a fridge, and the fridge as, well, nothing really. I suppose if I'd wanted I could have made it a cupboard.

But then a few days ago, to my utmost delight (tinged, I confess, with a slight edge of horror) I found that the left-over champignons I had left there for breakfast had frozen. So had my pasta. So had my milk. Did I mention that my boundless joy would have been replaced with a large chunk of irritation had I not been so overflowing with the joy that is boundless?

However, I have a freezer that freezes, a fridge that cools, and I have proved that once again sheer laziness positive thinking in not calling a tech will win the day! Why? Because it's maaaaaagic children. Maaaaaaaaaaaagic.

I have been watching more of my Granada Sherlock Holmes, and I really do believe we are getting up to the peak of the series. Edward Hardwicke's Watson plays perfectly off Brett's Holmes, and they both have that feel of actors with a common purpose who have grown comfortable with each other. The Six Napoleans. Foreign and emotional? How very OOC. )

The Sign of Four. No really. We're not gay. )

The Devil's Foot. Ok, you got us. We really really are. )

Three days til The All-American Rejects! And I should really write up what I thought about Wicked. And those book reviews. I have a hella backlog on those book reviews. (Oh, yes, I am still doing those. Delay of eight weeks you say? I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.)

But now? I leave you with this. My absolute favourite song from Wicked. Well. Absolute favourite for now.
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So, just to start this story off on the right note, I'm bi. In general it's completely irrelevant, except that it's touched upon in the next story. As I belong to a culture that is both heteronormative and polarising, and I am easily irritated by this fact, I normally don't clarify unless people have the perspicacity to ask. However in this case I think the only response to that attitude is: Hello? Internet! It's fairer not to play games.

Anyway, Work S gave me a lift home last night, which was lovely and kind of her, and we got to talking, and this came up: 'I've been in a relationship with a female by the way. I don't mention it in the workplace...'

I had to grin. 'Me too.'

Then it all came came tumbling out, very quickly. We're both bi, we've both experienced the same attitudes, and we both seem to have the same natural viewpoint on the topic.

'People don't ever think that it even exists, they assume you're one or the other...'

'Yeah! They want to know when you'll choose! Then they assume that it means you can't stay in a monogamous relationship...'

'...because obviously you're always wanting sex from both genders. And when women find out...'


That last bit was half-shouted by both of us.

And that was it really, what I loved. The topic is one I have fairly firm views on, and I've discussed it a number of times with various people. That wasn't what made my heart leap. What caused that was that sudden sense of having found someone you can get along with, and that you share so many experiences and opinions with straight off the bat. The experience of meeting someone who you just know that even when you differ you share enough of similarity that it'll not sink you. I'm not trying to say we're BFF, but ever since I've left school I've found that ease of making friends has gone. I have made friends since then, often good ones, but they have been more the 'awkward chatting, feeling each other out, then discovering mutual interests, forcing more conversation and eventually bonding' than this was.

And I should note, as a caveat, that I am not trying to push the idea that school was a paradise of friends and the people I met there immediately bonded and we have never parted since, oh my! However my own experience of school was that when large groups of people are forced to be around each other all day every day, you bond better and quicker than you do out in the 'real world' where encounters are a choice. I also belonged to one of those families who moved a great deal, and so every other school year I was forced to reach out and open up to complete strangers if I was to have any friends at all.

So yes. Today's letter is F. F - Friend. ^^

F is also for Fire, which is still a massive threat at the moment. (We've finally gotten rain here in Newcastle, which calmed one of my fears for a while, but ironically its now tipped over the opposite difficulty, and many of the surrounding areas (Port Stephens, Singleton, Muswellbrook, Upper Hunter) are flooding. Have I mentioned my country is making a concerted effort to kill us? I blame Western Australia. It hates us East Coasters. (Kidding BB! U no I love u!) Also I am going to try not to use the phrase 'East Coasters' in reference to Australian geography again.)

I digress. It's absolutely terrible what's going on down there. And I urge anyone and everyone who doesn't read this blog to donate to the Red Cross. (I reason that that is the entire earth's population bar me, and therefore should be quite useful if fulfilled. And I am already donating, so that's the one misfit dealt with. ^^)

In other news, and touching upon the first topic, I love musicals. And whilst listening to Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, I again pondered the myth that a gay man can't play a rockin' sexy straight man, god forbid a straight lead. Which is just silly. I'd do Neil Patrick Harris. Not that, of course, that's the important thing. *coughs* Anyway, I compared it to the inverse - that of course a straight man can play a gay (lead or otherwise), assuming he is willing to take the risk to his marketability. And now I'm wondering if it's because it's assumed that playing a gay man is just acting, where as to play a straight man you have to actually know what it feels like to lust for a woman! YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCED THE UNCONTROLLABLE BURNING IN YOUR LOINS!!!! (At which point I'd say, uh, see a doctor.)

If this is the case, though, it's terribly unfair, not just for the obvious but also because it cuts both ways, and in both cases it's the homosexuals at the sharp end of the knife. Firstly, it presupposes that gay love is so meaningless, so lacking authenticity, that anyone can parse it without having experienced it, because there's nothing really there to experience. It's all fake anyway, so anyone can fake it. (See the 'you can be cured of your homosexuality! Ask me how!' camp.)

This is based on and linked to the second edge of the nasty slicing knife, which is that gay men are unable to act. Because if you've never loved the fleshy thighs of a woman, you just don't know what love feels like. And obviously if you don't know what love feels like from experience, you certainly can't act it. That's why we don't have any movies set in space or in other worlds or before 1898 .... Oh, wait.

I don't agree with either of these viewpoints. I don't believe you need to have experienced love in any form to act it, and I don't believe being able to fake something makes that thing fake in and of itself. But who am I to say? I'm just pondering to the wind.

In final thoughts, I was listening to Maximo Park today, and I remembered that they are one of two bands my sister introduced me to. In both cases she was terribly excited about one song, which I inevitably dissed (letting her down horribly) and then came back later loving an entirely different song, by which time she had moved on and was no longer interested. She was always the more musically up-to-speed of us.

And here are the songs, for your listening comparison.

She showed me Move Along by the All-American Rejects.
I liked Dirty Little Secret.

She showed me Our Velocity by Maximo Park.
I liked Books From Boxes.

So there you go.


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