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I'm feeling very restless but too headachey to do anything about it. I resent this a great deal. Also bought a bag of almonds tonight with the express intention of sitting down and eating it a lot, but had to give up after only a few. Almonds, I will give you this, you are a very filling nut.

Also watched SJA, which was delightful! It has been some time since I watched SJA, for reasons which I shall not go into, and I am so glad I got to see these two particular episodes. I found out a while ago that many respectable and awesome people do not in fact watch SJA, which is sad and slightly shocking, as they do not have my reasons, merely the Fear Of Spinoff. At the time I wrote a whole thing about why they should which essentially boiled down to:

- It has Sarah-Jane goddamned Smith.
- It has K9.
- It has the motherfucking Brig.
- It has great character chemistry, continuity and dialogue.
- Speaking of continuity it handles Classic References supremely well, see:
a) That time SJ randomly referenced Peladon in casual conversation in a way that was relevant without alienating (please take this on board, New Who. Mythos can be both created and reinforcing Classic w/out having to take a dip in the Exposition Ocean. Check also: 'I Have A History That Is More Than Just Showing You My Faces In Order'.)
b) In a move very similar to Dalek, SJ, who is consistently 'no we don't use guns, we never involve the military, this is not our way' aaaalll S1, flipping the fuck out upon meeting the Sontarans and calling up UNIT. For people who've never seen Classic you can just go 'ooohhhhh these are bad bad guys'. For those who have? The part where she was horrifically tortured by a Sontaran makes the instinctive terror and lack of mercy kinda understandable.
- Did I mention it has the motherfucking Brig?
- It has Ten. (This is not so much of interest to me but you know. To others I guess?)
- And now it has Eleven and Jo. Fffffffffffffffffffffffff yes.

Now I want someone to rant with. *sadfaces about*

SJA - 'Death of the Doctor' Spoilers. And boy did they ever get long and rambly. )

So also my headache is not hugely better and I wanted to/still want to do some writing but can't because of restless energy and achey pains, but am going with it so whatever. Also I really wish I had a turntable. I want to play that vinyl of Three singing lullabies that I have now. I want it so hard.

Perhaps some Three, and then sleep.

Also I have been very shoddy at answering comments lately (read: always.) I will try to get on that (read: most likely will fail.)
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Well, not quite. But I've been playing around with Audacity and god it's fun. I made this in, oh, ten minutes? To type up something, record it and play about. You can definitely tell it's my first attempt at this kind of thing (ohhh timing) but I wanted to see what you could do. Apparently, a lot! Internet I am delight! ....Of course then I spent an hour and a half trying to see if I could make me sound like a boy without going via the alien route and it ... well. I deleted those files. I might be able to get an approximation but. It's kind of exhausting. Also I don't actually understand sound so a lot of the sloppy fast learning has been of the 'if I shove this slider all the way up here what will that do??' without actually grasping the whys. .... I reject your frequencies and decibels and play about on my own! .... I might have to start wikiing next time I want to do this.

But yes. It's very very short and very very lulzy in quality and it's all me! Go ooooonnn. Have a listen. You know you want to.

Click here to listen to Crash Test Dummies.mp3

Anyway, very good fun! Also eeeeee Six in Gallifrey! (although wtf seriously I .... I am delight but so fucking confused. How are they - ah well, is Six will be awesome.) And apparently Caroline Johns was Mrs Salvatori in Dust Breeding? Oh - oh Liz. Liz I am disappoint.

Also Day of the Triffids is on and .... I don't really know what's happening. But I love Eddie Izzard, so it's all good.

Still need to do con report. Am slowly uploading footage and photos. I will get there.
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So. Con is over and was fabulous. I am halfway through writing up an account from scattered notes and footage taken from over the weekend, but essentially, it was fabulous. And terrifying. And fabulous.

I spent travelling time during the weekend re/listening to Gallifrey Season One, which I'd slept through parts of before, and it was love. Which admittedly was more of a confirmation than a revelation, but still. And then when I got home I watched Invasion of Time. Which was silly and rather sadmaking, in that context. And a lot of fun, still. It's one of the serials I have the most vivid imagery-rememberance of from my childhood, so the weird doubling and prediction/adaptation process of rewatching it did take away a little from what otherwise might have been quite emotional. Which is probably good because I'm only just really catching up on sleep. Baaaaaarely. Overinvested? Yes. Yes I am.

Internet is still sort of buggered, which is frustrating, but we're working on it. Showed stepmother Partners In Crime today (yay Donna!) and watched a lot of fascinating exerpts from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Exciting stuff. And now, I think, I sleep. Or something.
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Hello Internet! How are you? I am well. On the creative front things have been fairly stop-start. I managed to get fic finished, which is now doing the rounds in beta hell and has no title. Long-fic is going nowhere, which is sadfaced, and I have three videos in the works. Cheetah is viable but increasingly problematic, Shalka is grit-your-teeth-and-work-through-it-you're-never-going-find-any-more-animation-than-this and Three is ... at the unfortunate stage of both being the easiest to complete and the one that needs the complete overhaul. So I'll probably poke at that next.

And I've been sketching, a little, and considering icons, but nothing's really coming of that. So we'll see how it all goes.

Also, I'm afraid I have a confession to make.

Internet, I do not like Cumberpatch!Master very much. Actually, it would be fair to say I loathe Cumberpatch!Master. It has gotten to the point that when I see Cumberpatch!Master mentioned I want to scream and possibly do something violent to the person espousing his virtues. There are instances where this is not fair. Actually, in every instance this is not fair, because violence is not cool. But there are cases where people are just musing (which is awesome) and cases where people are doing more (which makes my blood boil.) And I have now seen enough of the latter that my hatred spills over into the former, so Internet I have written a very long post about why this is so. It is very long, and filled with bits of anger and at times it may not be clear! But if you want to read it, it is there. And now I will go maybe eat something nice and try to be cool. Or perhaps I will watch Bones? I do like Bones a lot.

Teal Dear. )

Wow that was a lot of words. Now if only I could do that much on my fic.
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It's been a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Recently mostly of awesome. To veer wildly into TMI, I can generally tell just how I'm feeling (even when I don't want to acknowledge it) by how many showers I take a day.* When I'm anxious, I shower a lot. When I'm depressed, I tend not to shower at all (I ... did say TMI.) On Monday I showered four times.

This has led to me taking a week of rest and relaxation and also plenty of other stressful and problematic things because life won't actually not throw things at your head just because you've decided you need some you time. But there's been lots of awesome stuff too. We went mulberry picking and Princess(age 7) made her first ever dinner for the family and there were walks and Dad fixed up the carrier for my scooter (on the downside the carrier for my scooter broke again, but only on the weaker fibreglassed joints so I'm not too concerned) and we played with the dogs and saw family and I rewatched a lot of Bones and started to read another Ben Elton novel(why do I do this to myself?) and talked to people and had good food and wrote a bit and finished half of this Shalka vid (not so good, but cracky-kinda-fun) and generally had a good time of it. Which was nice. Then there was other less-nice stuff. But I don't want to talk about that.

Anyway some fun and interesting stuff has been happening on the internets, and whilst y'all are cool-cat types who have no doubt seen all this I am going to relink it here, for my own further perusal if nothing else.

This article about gender sterotypes plays to many of my biases, and therefore does not require me to think at all, which is nice.

[ profile] karenhealey is about the coolest person on LJ (and possibly all of Melbourne, but then there's Tripod, who are after all one man with three bodies), and she wrote an awesome and interesting and mildy terrifying review of the anti-vaccination movement.

Maureen Johnson, who is also pretty awesome, wrote about the dearth of Boy's Books in a way that made sense, and wonderfully articulated a lot of things I didn't even know I wanted to say whenever this tired discussion comes up. If you've never encountered it before, or even if you have, give it a read. She's funny and awesome and also you should read her blog. Sometimes, there are pictures.

And on a completely different note, this is the coolest Doctor Who/Sense and Sensibility crossover ever. And it doesn't drag and isn't too long and doesn't leave you with nagging questions (thus demonstrating it isn't too short either). You really should read it. It's simply delightful.

Also I've been listening to a bit (for me a lot) of Katy Perry. At least
[ profile] mezzopianoforte will be happy. *sighs*

*And god, god, I know, this is the most enviromentally unfriendly stress-relief method ever I am so so sorry planet ilu I will be rich and plant lots of trees oh dear. (I ... I am not trying to say this is an entirely controllable thing though. Which is not to excuse myself, more just. This is a reaction I've noted in myself, not something I'm necessarily choosing to do.)


Sep. 10th, 2010 05:16 pm
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Woke up without hacking up my lungs for the first time in a fortnight, spent the day so miserably depressed I didn't notice until. Erm. Right now. I had hoped the general downness was just a symptom or byproduct of other illness but that appears possibly not to be so. I'm taking a lot of satisfaction in stupid things, like passing levels in games or managing my tags. (Which I now have to do with Dreamwidth because ... I don't know. They fail at importing my tags? I do? IIIII am not sure. It blows but it's a way to spend the evening.) It's somewhat failface. Well. It's a lot failface. Still. Have picked out icons for my fandom journal. That's exciting. Also fandom is eh right now. Anyway. Might watch Benny movie.

At least I'm getting better, though.

ETA: Except apparently DW has imported some of them? Just ... not applied. So not as much cleaning as anticipated. Which is a good thing. Of course.
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So, we finally have a government in Australia, after nearly three weeks of vote-tallying and negotiations. This is of course old news, it happened Tuesday and a week is a long time ... well, you know the rest. I have mixed feelings about the result. I'm glad that Labor will lead the minority government, for all that neither Labor or Liberal are the parties of my heart. I'm curious to see how this minority government will work out, and if it will lead people to cling more tightly to the two-party system that's dominated, or to explore further possibilities.

There's a strange divorce between looking at things from a strategic viewpoint (really a foolish thing to attempt, considering the already utilised adage) and from a personal. For example most people consider it likely that the incumbent government, whoever they ended up being, will be even more vulnerable to attack and likely lose the next election. This might prove true, but that's no reason for me to sacrifice my time now for a potential future bonus that might never eventuate.*

I'm sad that once again we haven't actually voted in our first female PM, that she's maintained her position, much as she attained it, through wheeling and dealing. I'm still proud that the election wasn't really run on the fact that she's an unmarried childless athiest. On the other hand, the election wasn't run on much at all. It was a bit of a shambles all around.

It's an exciting time for politics, though. I'm desperate for the government to prove it can work, at the very least to last til next year when the Greens** will hold the balance of power in the Senate. I really want people to see what the Greens can do when you put your trust in them. I want to see what they'll do when we put our trust in them. I hope that the responsibility will curtail some of their more ... out there ... policies whilst demonstrating that most of what they advocate is doable and deliverable.

A final thought is that I advocate compulsary voting. ...Strongly. I. Yes. I don't really know that I can go into this without accidentally insulting someone so I'll let the statement stand. But I'm in the interesting position of being in a safe seat. I don't believe my constituency has changed hands in ... oh I'll wiki it. .........Ok. So. Some time later, I am somewhat boggled to learn that my constituency has never changed hands. It's been a Labor safe seat since it was created over a century ago. Well. No wonder we get screwed so often. Which, to relate tangentially to the first statement, means that I can vote to my conscience, if I like, and not have to worry about it because it doesn't have an effect. Nothing I do will have an effect. It's depressing but freeing which is something I worry about considering my claims to caring.

*.......I'm trying to say I'll be happy if the Liberal Coalition never gain power. Ever. Never ever ever. Both major parties may tend towards conservative policies but I'd rather the one thats working-class oriented, thanks.

** Some clarification, because it was pointed out to me that the Australian Greens Party doesn't seem to operate in quite the same way that other Greens parties do, the AGP is not a single-issue party. They have policies on a range of issues from light rail to sustainability to equal rights for same-sex couples and so on. Basically for all that the Australian Labor Party is the Left and the Liberal/National Coalition is the Right, if you really want to vote Left in Australia you vote Greens. Bob Brown, to show my bias, is my hero.
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So, I finally caved and got a Dreamwidth Account (thanks [personal profile] x_los) which I will ... probably not use that often. I need to get a layout etc that makes this place feel like home, and honestly I'm not that interested in setting up a whole new life and set of friends/interests somewhere else. LJ is still home. But. A backup is good. And DW does have some things I find quite shiny. And, for all that I stuck out Strikethrough and all the subsequent (and earlier) wank, it's really Facebook that's got me running scared. Because Facebook? Is the devil.

So. Hi. Will crosspost from here but if you friend me please don't be offended if I don't get back to you ASAP. I'm still over on LJ, this is just the summer house.

Also Labor Government yay!
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Ok, so, a long time ago [ profile] x_los was bugging me about Who-related lists and how I should have them, and more recently [ profile] tardiscrash posted a list on his fandom journal, and I was reminded how many moons ago I attempted to buck the trend by yes, making a list, but instead of Who eps focussing on BFAs. Except I stole that from [ profile] aralias.

Still, here is my bigass list of the first 40 BFAs and general (sometimes spoilery, to the extent of 'IT'S GOT DINOSAUR SKELETONS') descriptions/reactions of the sort that are useless to anyone who's listened to them already. It's weird now to look at what I thought then, because this was when I'd only first really started to discuss this aspect of fandom with other people and I wasn't really doing relistens. So I've got updated thoughts, for what they are, in bold, but even then they're less thoughts and more ... squee and snark. At some point I'll keep updating this list as I'm well past the episode 40 mark, but for now, here we go.

bold is for amazing
strikethrough for terrible
and italics is for completely forgettable

Bigass BFA List Wot I Have Listened To )

General conclusions? Six grew on me rapidly, Eight is swings and roundabouts, Seven gives me rose coloured glasses and BFA still don't really seem to know how to write for Five. There. I've just saved you ten minutes of your time.
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Plus: Got petrol, two jerry cans full. Well, one and a half, as I am still too scared to fill my tank up at the bowsers most of the time and so transferred when I got home. Look, I get upset enough as it is when other people flood my baby. Why should I contribute to that pain?

- Double plus: Guy at the servo was really, really cute and sweet. Am now tempted to go back and and get more petrol later in the week.
Problem: Have already gotten enough fuel for at least a month, if not two. (She runs on the whiff of petrol, I love her.) Also don't have have enough money for more petrol as, as noted, I've stocked up ahead.

Minus: Have now spent almost all food money on stocking up on petrol. While this is good for the future, it means that shopping for food right now is a problem. And am really really hungry. No actual food in house but I dislike shopping when I'm too poor to decide which one thing to buy. Also they say don't shop on an empty stomach and I tend to believe them. That way madness lies.

Minus: It looks as though the battery's on the road to carking it. Do not actually have cash to replace battery.

- Extra minus: Have already stocked up on petrol.
Bonus?: At least I won't have to spend any more money on petrol.

Possible Plus: Am also nearly out of oil, which means I can go to servo and flail and ask silly questions and break down over WHAT IS THIS TWO STROKE WHY DO I NEED A CERTAIN BRAND OH GOD PLEASE MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE WHERE DO I BUY THESE THINGS!? Will not actually do this because of Silly Female Stereotypes, but instead because I tend to get flustered and flail at the slightest event and beg the nearest stranger for assistance. Inevitably I make an ass of myself, but as this is going to occur no matter what I can take comfort from the fact that at least I will have a prolonged conversation with Incredibly Cute And Sweet Servo Guy, or perhaps a prolonged crying fit. I am aware how sad it is that I consider this a Bonus.

Neutral: Am wittering away my time making LJ posts until the shops close so that I don't have to actually confront the fact that I won't be eating tonight and that if I really wanted to I could go and buy a potato. I don't want to. That potato will be my Golden Potato, spurring me on through the days until I actually go and buy it, at which point cold reality will not live up to the dream.

Minus: Feel really quite ill possibly from hunger.

Plus: Haha! Found an orange! I am not sure what it was doing in my bag but as soon as the nausea passes I shall eat it! Now feel very justified in putting Quest For Potato off. Has been a very good hour.

Sub-Plus: Also had actually very quite good day doing various other household tasks and spending lots of time with lovely people and having good conversations and so on. Am also nearly done with art. Had a few minuses in there but nothing nearly so dramatic as the Discovery Of The Fruit (which was a plus anyway).

Balancing Act?: Digital art is going quite well but drive to paint from two weeks ago has nearly completely disappeared. Will probably come back at some point, until then to sigh langourously and continue to bugger up my eyes.

On balance a reasonable, if not very good, day. I would have another like it.
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So apparently this is the hundredth entry I've ever made on this journal? Which is very exciting and all, I remember on dA I would have made a kiriban or something, idek. I had an evergrowing list of things I would have liked to have said - mainly just Things Wot Have Happened, but it was getting too long and I am lazy.

Spent most of today in pain but in delightfully good company, so it balanced out somewhat I feel. This evening I was bored and needed distracting so I finally fulfilled a threat I've been making for a while and recorded the first two chapters of Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive on my phone. It's interesting how different I sound on the computer vs the phone but both have pretty terrible sound. Every novelisation presents its own challenges. This one has French and Tom Baker's stupid face, but it was fun all the same. The Leisure Hive is one of my favourites, so we'll see.

Anyway, here are things.

Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive, Chapters One and Two.

Chapter One- On the plus and negative side, it does have me making a go at Romana, K9 and Four, which is teeth-grittingly bad but also therefore kinda hilarious. You can hear the point where I give up. This is also shorter, with actual Things Happening.

Chapter Two- Longer, like, ten minutes of reading time longer, and no Doctor, Romana, or anyone. Well. There's Herell. This is a lot of exposition and backstory, entertainingly written, I feel, and actually very much my cup of tea but if it's anyone else's I will be surprised. On the plus side, no heinous attempt at voices at all.
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I sometimes wonder what it means for their development and futures that when told "I love you" Monstar Sibling says "I love you too" and Princess Sibling says "I know".

Generally then I remember that this is the kind of thing that only adults worry about, and probably isn't important at all.
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And further silliness. )
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Slightly spoilery stream-of-consciousness type thoughts. )

Oh and in not-a-spoiler? Having seen van Gogh's work adds a whole other layer of depth and meaning and beauty and appreciation to this episode, I feel, and also, having actually seen it and loved it, to life. I <3 Vincent van Gogh.
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Carlo, the Time Lords want their hat back. )

The only problem now is I still don't want to go shopping because I want to TALK to someone about awesome Who! Damnit! Also it's super cold outside and I am snug in mah dressing gown... Hmmmmn. But then today for food I had mayonnaise on toast. I think I need to reconsider my life choices...
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Dear Self,

You have every intention of going and doing shopping in about an hour. It's dark out. You're in the house alone. Do you think that watching Vampires in Venice is a good idea?


Of course not, but you're going to do it anyway aren't you? Well, don't come crying to me when it all ends it tears. You still need milk.

Frustrated love,

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Dear Internet,

Today I was happy. All day. Irrespective of events. This was really nice, and I felt worth noting. That's all.

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Ok so I am doing a semi-liveblog to this, in that.... I am finally watching it. And I'll need to stop multiple times because I get scared.... Well. May as well take advantage of that to rant.

Spoilers )

Annnnnd done. Looking at next week's trailer and ignoring all the.... stuff.... that carries over from this week's ep, all I can do is squee and shout out 'Helen McCrory YAAAAAAY' :D.
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GUYS. GUYS HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE??? IT IS.... I AM..... GUYS I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY. (Except that clearly Delgado's sexy shines through everything you put him in. Which is not that much of a surprise, really.)


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