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Hello Internet! How are you? I am well. On the creative front things have been fairly stop-start. I managed to get fic finished, which is now doing the rounds in beta hell and has no title. Long-fic is going nowhere, which is sadfaced, and I have three videos in the works. Cheetah is viable but increasingly problematic, Shalka is grit-your-teeth-and-work-through-it-you're-never-going-find-any-more-animation-than-this and Three is ... at the unfortunate stage of both being the easiest to complete and the one that needs the complete overhaul. So I'll probably poke at that next.

And I've been sketching, a little, and considering icons, but nothing's really coming of that. So we'll see how it all goes.

Also, I'm afraid I have a confession to make.

Internet, I do not like Cumberpatch!Master very much. Actually, it would be fair to say I loathe Cumberpatch!Master. It has gotten to the point that when I see Cumberpatch!Master mentioned I want to scream and possibly do something violent to the person espousing his virtues. There are instances where this is not fair. Actually, in every instance this is not fair, because violence is not cool. But there are cases where people are just musing (which is awesome) and cases where people are doing more (which makes my blood boil.) And I have now seen enough of the latter that my hatred spills over into the former, so Internet I have written a very long post about why this is so. It is very long, and filled with bits of anger and at times it may not be clear! But if you want to read it, it is there. And now I will go maybe eat something nice and try to be cool. Or perhaps I will watch Bones? I do like Bones a lot.

Teal Dear. )

Wow that was a lot of words. Now if only I could do that much on my fic.
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It's been a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Recently mostly of awesome. To veer wildly into TMI, I can generally tell just how I'm feeling (even when I don't want to acknowledge it) by how many showers I take a day.* When I'm anxious, I shower a lot. When I'm depressed, I tend not to shower at all (I ... did say TMI.) On Monday I showered four times.

This has led to me taking a week of rest and relaxation and also plenty of other stressful and problematic things because life won't actually not throw things at your head just because you've decided you need some you time. But there's been lots of awesome stuff too. We went mulberry picking and Princess(age 7) made her first ever dinner for the family and there were walks and Dad fixed up the carrier for my scooter (on the downside the carrier for my scooter broke again, but only on the weaker fibreglassed joints so I'm not too concerned) and we played with the dogs and saw family and I rewatched a lot of Bones and started to read another Ben Elton novel(why do I do this to myself?) and talked to people and had good food and wrote a bit and finished half of this Shalka vid (not so good, but cracky-kinda-fun) and generally had a good time of it. Which was nice. Then there was other less-nice stuff. But I don't want to talk about that.

Anyway some fun and interesting stuff has been happening on the internets, and whilst y'all are cool-cat types who have no doubt seen all this I am going to relink it here, for my own further perusal if nothing else.

This article about gender sterotypes plays to many of my biases, and therefore does not require me to think at all, which is nice.

[ profile] karenhealey is about the coolest person on LJ (and possibly all of Melbourne, but then there's Tripod, who are after all one man with three bodies), and she wrote an awesome and interesting and mildy terrifying review of the anti-vaccination movement.

Maureen Johnson, who is also pretty awesome, wrote about the dearth of Boy's Books in a way that made sense, and wonderfully articulated a lot of things I didn't even know I wanted to say whenever this tired discussion comes up. If you've never encountered it before, or even if you have, give it a read. She's funny and awesome and also you should read her blog. Sometimes, there are pictures.

And on a completely different note, this is the coolest Doctor Who/Sense and Sensibility crossover ever. And it doesn't drag and isn't too long and doesn't leave you with nagging questions (thus demonstrating it isn't too short either). You really should read it. It's simply delightful.

Also I've been listening to a bit (for me a lot) of Katy Perry. At least
[ profile] mezzopianoforte will be happy. *sighs*

*And god, god, I know, this is the most enviromentally unfriendly stress-relief method ever I am so so sorry planet ilu I will be rich and plant lots of trees oh dear. (I ... I am not trying to say this is an entirely controllable thing though. Which is not to excuse myself, more just. This is a reaction I've noted in myself, not something I'm necessarily choosing to do.)


Sep. 10th, 2010 05:16 pm
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Woke up without hacking up my lungs for the first time in a fortnight, spent the day so miserably depressed I didn't notice until. Erm. Right now. I had hoped the general downness was just a symptom or byproduct of other illness but that appears possibly not to be so. I'm taking a lot of satisfaction in stupid things, like passing levels in games or managing my tags. (Which I now have to do with Dreamwidth because ... I don't know. They fail at importing my tags? I do? IIIII am not sure. It blows but it's a way to spend the evening.) It's somewhat failface. Well. It's a lot failface. Still. Have picked out icons for my fandom journal. That's exciting. Also fandom is eh right now. Anyway. Might watch Benny movie.

At least I'm getting better, though.

ETA: Except apparently DW has imported some of them? Just ... not applied. So not as much cleaning as anticipated. Which is a good thing. Of course.
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Slightly spoilery stream-of-consciousness type thoughts. )

Oh and in not-a-spoiler? Having seen van Gogh's work adds a whole other layer of depth and meaning and beauty and appreciation to this episode, I feel, and also, having actually seen it and loved it, to life. I <3 Vincent van Gogh.
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Dear Self: This DW thing has Got. To. Stop. In other news, yes, of course, Arrangements For War was awesome. Now, really.
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And we're back to measuring time in cups of tea consumed.

We're getting low on sugar. And I'm tired of drawing complex constructs, I wish I could remember how to do simple ones.


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